We are pleased to introduce to the Sportsman/ Collector of Sporting Arms, Fine Antique Arts & Historic Firearms an insurance program specifically designed to insure your investment. We are people who understand and share your passion for collecting America’s heritage and the weapons that are part of our history.
Our program is primarily underwritten by The Hanover Insurance Group, who specializes in writing Valuable Articles of rare or historic nature. They are our premier partner in The Historic Firearms, Collectibles and Sporting Arms Insurance Program.

We also offer exclusively our specialty program through The CHUBB Group of Insurance Companies. Chubb specializes in writing Homeowners and Valuable Articles of rare or historic nature throughout the world. Both companies have excellent reputations in the industry for claims settlement.

Eastern Insurance Group has worked collaboratively with The Hanover Insurance Group and CHUBB to design a program that is affordable while providing extremely broad protection for your collections including “Away from Premises” coverage for Sporting & Shooting Risks. This unique program was designed for the collector /sportsman who have an investment valued at $25,000 or more.

Our program is not exclusive to Firearms Collections. Many of you have collections of Fine Arts, Uniforms, Battle Flags, Swords, and other authentic memorabilia that can be insured in our program. We have the ability to combine Homeowners Insurance and your Collectibles investment into one policy. Please contact us for a quote.

The Historic Firearms and Collectibles Insurance Program for personal collections has the endorsement of the Smith and Wesson Collectors of America, Parker Arms Society, Publishers of The Civil War News, and has been recognized by The Colt Collectors as well as The North-South Skirmish Association, Inc., and the Living History Association, Inc.

We also provide property and liability coverage for Firearms Dealers, Gun Show Liability, Auction /Dealer houses, Re-Enactment living history associations and much more.