Personal Collection

We insure all types of firearms from the fine investment grade Boss, Purdey, Fumars, and Kreighoff models to our faithful “field grade“ Remington and Savage models. The highest priority of the Historic Firearms, Collectibles and Sporting Arms Insurance Program is to provide the corresponding coverage for preserving and protecting your collections investment needs.

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Dealer Inventory

We are recognized insurer’s of some of our "National Treasures", offering comprehensive insurance needs to the discerning Sportsmen/ Collector of Historic and fine Sporting arms. We have gained the trust of the members of the Colt Collectors Association, Winchester Arms Collectors and Sierra Club International to name a few.

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Re-Enactor Clubs

The Historic Firearms, Collectibles and Sporting Arms program at Eastern Insurance is committed to providing peace of mind to its customers for their firearms, memorabilia and other collectibles. We offer comprehensive coverage and best in class service, along with first hand knowledge and experience of the collecting community – we are members, too!

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